Friday, September 1, 2017

Waz Hoola

Waz Hoola was a drone project from the English North-West. Here are some of his releases.

Waz Hoola - The Things That Are Keeping Me Alive... Are Killing Me cdr

Deep drone synth explorations into space. 2006 cdr on Sepia Tones.


Waz Hoola - There Is More To Living Than Just Being Alive cdr



Deeper and more subtle bass tones. 2007 cdr on Infinite Exhange.


Waz Hoola - Multiply Reality By Infinity cd

Sadly Waz Hoola didn't release anything after this, which is a shame, because this is a crowing achievement for the drone underground. The first track should be a blueprint for anyone desiring to play crushing epic drone metal - seriously you gotta hear this track - while the second one is a psychedelic masterpiece of a metal-particle fog. Amazing stuff. 2009 cd on Red Guard Records.


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