Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ashtray Navigations ‎– To Get Beyond Nihilism By Revaluing Combat 3" CDr

"To get beyond nihilism by revaluing combat" was a motto of Charles Ludlam, American queer actor and theatrical director, who reworked in a pastiche fashion elements of pop culture. This motto, appropriated by AIDS activists - Ludlam was an AIDS victim - implies that being active (revaluing combat) is the way of overcoming interpellated notions of passivity (nihilism) within society. I'm not sure how Ashtray Navigations reflect this message through this wee little cd, but the fourth 20-minute track (the first three ones are all less than a minute long) contains a mournful but embattled spirit driven by a wailing cello and cymbal/drum action. Great stuff. 2005 cdr on Hypnagogia.


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