Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Skullflower - (almost) complete discography Part 1

So, at the request of a dear commenter, I hereby present the discography of Skullflower. Apologies for the delay in doing so but things have pretty hectic. Due to the lack of time, comments on the albums, as well album covers, will be limited. After all, Skullflower and their importance in the formation of the noise/drone scene by including live traditional rock instruments rather than electronics has been extensively documented in many blogs. If I find the time, I might come back to the post and include covers and whatnot. This first part will cover SF's initial run from the late-80s to 1996. Part 2 will come soon-ish.

1987 - Bull & Gate Oct 7, 1987 download

This is an early SF live recording released in 2012 by Shock and Dirter Promotions, featuring Matthew Bower, Stuart Dennison, Stefan Jaworzyn and Gary Mundy of Ramleh. I had found this on a blog, but unfortunately I can't seem to find the link to lead to that blog, so I have uploaded it. If the original uploader sees this and wants me to link to his post, please send a comment.

1988 - Birthdeath


More specifically, I'm including both the original version and the Kino I: Birthdeath reissue. As is shown in Stephen Jaworzyn's liner notes in the reissue, tracks 1 and 2 are from 1987 and unreleased, track 3 is also unreleased and probably their earliest recording (1986), track 4 is from 1988 and probably from the Form Destroyer sessions, track 5 from 1988, tracks 6 and 7 ("Birthdeath" and "Grub Song") are not the versions found on the original lp, but are the remixes from the Ruins LP, tracks 8 and 9 ("Timebomb" and "Blood Harvest") are the original Birthdeath versions and tracks 10 is unreleased. The original was released in 1988 on Broken Flag and the reissue in 2013 on Shock/Dirter Promotions.

Original Birthdeath download
Kino I: Birthdeath reissue download

1989 - Form Destroyer download

1989 - I Live In The Bottomless Pit - Bo Diddley's Shitpump 7'' download

1990 - Rift - Avalanche 7'' download

1990 - Rotten Sun 7'' download

1990 - Ruins download

1990 - Slaves 7" download

1990 - Xaman download

1991 - Mauro Teho Teardo split download (SF track only)

1991 - IIIrd Gatekeeper download

1992 - Evel Knievel 7" download

1992 - Bad Alchemy 7'' download

1993 - Last Shot At Heaven download: removed by SF's request

1993 - Obsidian Shaking Codex download: removed by SF's request

1994 - Carved Into Roses download

1994 - Choady Foster - Spent Force 7'' download

1994 - Ponyland 7'' download

1994 - Skullflower & Total split 7'' download (both SF and T)

1994 - White Fang #2 - Glassy Essence 7'' download

1995 - Adieu, All You Judges (Live Split with Ramleh) download (both SF and T)

1995 - Argon download

1995 - Infinityland download

1995 - Transformer download

1995 - Village Sorting 7''

1996 - this is Skullflower download

2013 - Kino IV: Black Sun Rising download

This is a compilation featuring some unreleased tracks as well as some 7" tracks I have already uploaded in their own right. Tracks 1 and 2 are unreleased, tracks 3 and 4 are the Rift/Avalanche 7", tracks 5 and 6 are the Slaves 7" but "Satan My Black Ass, Steve Albini = Jim Steinman" is assigned its original title "Hoof," track 7 is unreleased, tracks 8 and 9 are the ILITBP/BDSP 7", track 10 is the original title of "A Guide to Canine Foreskin Retraction" from the Portable Altamont comp (more below), and tracks 11-13 are unreleased and derived from the Xaman recording. 2013 cd on Shock/Dirter Promotions.

Various tracks download - removed by SF's request

In this rar I have included some SF comp tracks: "A Guide To Canine Foreskin Retraction (from The Portable Altamont)" (renamed "Against Everything" on Kino IV was released on the Portable Altamont 1991 compilation with Coil, Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and Drunks With Guns. "IIIrd Gatekeeper" is from the 1993 Sound From Hands compilation (and also included on the bandcamp reissue of Last Shot At Heaven). "Aquatic Horrorshape" is from the 1993 Shrine compilation and also from the LSAH internet reissue. "Dawning Mew" is from the LSAH reissue as well. "Hamburger Lady" is from the 1999 tribute to Throbbing Gristle Entertainment Through Pain.