Thursday, September 14, 2017

Posset / Robert Ridley-Shackleton ‎– Untitled split cdr


Posset is the Lord of the Almighty Dictaphone, an avid lover of drooling mouths sounds, and a central writer of the supreme Radio Free Midwich blog. His side ranges from the sounds most of us do after swallowing too much sea water combined with reverse cocaine snorting to gamelan-like sounds on the supremely titled "Tubular Balls." Robert-Ridley Shackleton is the owner of Hissing Frames label and another knight of the Almighty Dictaphone and for his part he starts by looking for something in his drawers (the precise sounds of how I used to search for things that my mother had criminally thrown out without asking) and ends up trying to make a portable generator on batteries. Great. 2014 cdr on Hissing Frames limited to 12 copies.


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