Saturday, September 2, 2017

Culver & Waz Hoola - Maps of War tape

I haven't posted any Culver for quite some time, so what better opportunity than to couple it with the Waz Hoola post? True to his long-standing tradition of making collaboration releases with other drone artists, here Lee Stokoe has worked with Waz Hoola on creating a tape that is not dominated by one's or the other's style. Not exactly typical of Culver's predominantly drone wall catalogue, this is among Culver's more subtle releases (which are not a few, though!) but also contains the throbbing bass drone found in the Waz Hoola cdr-s prior to Multiply Reality By Infinity, whereas they explore new ground especially in the second track with the inclusion of a SUPERB hypnotic and sparse drone tone in the background of the throbbing bass that sounds like the humming of a machine forgotten in an Antarctic research station. Top-notch! 2009 tape on the majestic Matching Head tape label.

Download (removed after artist's request)

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