Thursday, February 4, 2021

Alison Cotton appreciation











I have referred to Alice Cotton a couple of times (here and here) referring to her as pagan folk drone. She works primarily with the viola and harmonium and her captivating voice to create psychedelic forests of sound that could be considered close to Comus, Dead Can Dance, and Jordi Savall.

All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre (2018 tape - Bloxham Tapes)

Only Darkness Now (2020 tape - Bloxham Tapes)

Shirt Of Lace (2020 lathe vinyl- Bloxham Tapes - immersive cover of Dorothy Carter's song)

The Girl I Left Behind Time (2019 10" - Clay Pipe Music)  

Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton ‎– Untitled (2016 tape - Reckno)

Michael Tanner with Alison Cotton and Lino Capra Vaccina ‎– The Blackening (2019 sound file) 

Zener_08 (2020 tape live recording - Sensory Leakage - bandcamp link/no free dl)