Saturday, February 6, 2021

Million Brazilians - Slip Enchantments











Starts deceptively thinking you're into their most rock records, but the two tracks in the middle are some of their jazziest to date, only to end up in an epic heavy ambient jazz ritual jam straight from the Amon Duul cauldron. 2016 tape on Lost Discoveries Exotic Music Shop.



  1. Say, you think you could post some Gerogerigegege in 320kbps? Stuff like All My Best, With Love Juntaro, William Bennett is my Dick, the recycled cassette, Piss Shower Girlfriend (amazed you haven't uploaded that one yet, tbh), and maybe this thing : . I just feel like his music is always done a disservice by being in such low quality mp3's. I severely wish Tokyo Anal Dynamite, or The More Shit E.P. would show up in 320

  2. will do so, just be patient, too many things happening in my life and no time to write up posts...

  3. Alright, that's fine. Thanks for replying!