Thursday, January 14, 2021

End of year boredom list part III

Alison Cotton - Only Darkness Now (Bloxham Tapes) - Download

Viola and harmonium-driven folk drones by a great artist.

The Gerogerigegege - decrescendo - review and link here

Haare - Brain (Aussaat) - Download

One of the most far out Haare works in recent memory.

Current 93 - If a Star Turns Into Ashes - review and link here

The Necks - Three - link here

Elodie - Le Nid D'Ivoire - link here

Calineczka - kysztymska - link here

Controlled Death - EVERYTHING - links here

Merula - Sleep (must listen) - review and link here

... and some things to look forward in 2021:

Xqui - Ambient (preorder here): sounds like Xqui's most levitating material since his early Dragon and EPs.

Burial - Chemz/Dolphins (preorder here): seems like Burial tends release one very immersive ambient recording and then one completely danceable haze techno every time.

○ [blank tape compilation vol. 2] (Steep Gloss): blank tape nothingness shaped into sound


  1. That Calineczka link doesn't seem to work anymore?

  2. black tape 2 is a free/pay-what-you-want download at

  3. The links readers reported to be wrong are ok now. Mega keeps screwing my link copy-paste. More often than not, when I copy a new link, the browser "remembers" the previous one I had copied.