Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fear Fals Burning - Function Collapse

I've never heard Fear Falls Burning extensively but I thought it was a continuation of the tribal dark ambient style of VidnaObmana. But this album tells me that really very different is cooking. Accompanied by a manic Colin Webster on tenor sax (frequent collaborator of David Birchall), and Tim Bertilsson on drums (who has played with awesome bands such as the legendary Switchblade, black metal nihilists Craft, and even Candlemass!), Dirk Serries, who handles the guitars, has created a superb recording of improvised psychedelic drone/free jazz, with two long mantras that could be the result of a live collaboration between Swans and Mats Gustafsson. Definitely one of the best albums of this year. 2019 lp on Consouling Sounds.

Download - Removed after request by the label - Listen here

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