Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Gerogerigegege / Sedem Minút Strachu ‎– Turn It Into Love / Rehabilit Dance split 7"


 Seeing the cover of this new Gero release one would be quick to think "yes! he's back to noise! (or at least recordings of ejaculation," but no fellow readers, Gero once again returns with a J-pop fun tune, albeit with a porn intro. Actually I think this is a 70s pop song with an additional person shouting "oh, yeah" in the chorus. Can't get any better. On the other side, Slovakian band Sedem Minút Strachu play heavy noisegrindcore with growls and huge intensity. Not like it's the best noisecore band out right now, but still quite good. 2020 7" on K.A.Z. Yo, I've seen there is another version of this released by Juntaro himself that has two additional Gero tapes. If anyone has managed to get it, please share!