Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Harm ‎– The Dye From The Dresses Of The Drowned Women

 Those of you who closely read this blog might remember my post of a compilation called Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away, which includes a track by Harm beautifully called "The Dye From The Dresses Of The Drowned Women." That was a shortened version of the title track of this tape, which was my musical holy grail for many years. Having already their other tapes, this was the only one missing and I managed to locate it with the aid of good reader tfn, who pointed me towards an owner willing to sell it. If you have heard their tape on Matching Head Everything Turns Out to Be A Triangle of Death (which I had to take down but you can contact me for a link), you will hear the same direction: very deep guitar drone, with a spacey and industrial flavor at moments, while the title track is not unlike Culver in its black-hole, light devouring atmosphere.

2006 self-released tape.


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