Monday, January 6, 2020

Heinz Holliger, György Kurtág ‎– Zwiegespräche

Heinz Holliger's Beiseit / Alb-Chehr was the first ECM-released recording I had ever heard and I still spin it quite often. In this recording, Holliger tracks are interwoven with tracks by Romanian composer György Kurtág, many of which are sung by a soprano singer. The tone of Holliger's oboe is unmistakable and the atmosphere here is so fragile and wintry, that it makes you just need to lie down and listen to this without doing anything. Superb. 2019 cd on ECM.


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  1. Many Thanks,

    but Kurtag is Hungarian, also born on Roumanian territory. There is an ever growing "minority" there. His son lives in the Bordeaux area, France.