Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis ‎– Invisible Cities LP

I sometimes wonder how I have never posted any music by Aidan Baker, as I have uploaded some of his stuff to share here but it somehow never worked out. So, in anticipation of the second installation of Invisible Cities (which I pre-ordered the vinyl of and I am eagerly waiting-the full album is online now and sounds sublime!) here's the first one. It's a collaboration with bass clarinetist Gareth Davis, who is a member of the drone band A-Sun Amissa (their latest album For Burdened And Bright Light is excellent), and it really is one of the highlights of Baker's work, which in my opinion is sometimes hit-or-miss, both with his namesake recordings, and as Nadja (I still think that the Pyramids/Nadja album is his best ever). The music is ECM-quality thanks to the clarinet sounds of Davis, but Baker's drones, ambient soundscapes and field recordings are deeply enveloping and very evocative. It's really one of those albums to listen to on a coach travelling long distances at night or while visiting ancient sites. Highly recommended. 2018 LP on Karlrecords.


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