Wednesday, July 31, 2019

TQ Zine # 23 & 24

Previous TQ issue was a double on with a focus on the Australian and New Zealand scenes , of which I should recommend Independent Woman Records, which has released stuff by Chow Mwng, Witchblood, and Smut. There's also an interview (conducted by Charlie Ulyatt) of Dylan Carlson, in the occasion of the new Earth album, which is incredibly shit in my opinion, and this is the first time I feel like this about a new Earth album, especially after such an amazing cd like Primitive And Deadly.

The offerings include a download of the cdr by Chris Whitehead's project Cursus, which drifts between dark ambient, psychedelic guitar music, and isolationism somewhat. It's a great album that you can support with a mere 0,50 gbp on TQ's bandcamp.There's also a cd called Buzzing Minds I A Sydney Noise Compilation, documenting various artists from the Sydney music scene that live in boarding houses and experience a variety of social and mental problems, and have been encouraged to create their own noise/electronic music by a guy called Jay Simonit working at such a boarding house.

Great reviews include the new highly recommended recording by the excellent Helicopter Quartet (free to download on their bandcamp) and awesome percussion-based EP by The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor focusing on Brexit, discrimination against immigrants and Conservatives' policies.

The new issue celebrates two years of publication and comes with two cds or free downloads in a random manner (I was lucky enough to get both physicals!), one is Fin by Sinnen (released by TQ) playing some weird combination of atmospheric shoegaze metal that remind me somewhat of Pyramids combined with suicidal black metal act Ghost Bath. The other one is Strange Altars by Ade Hodges, which I haven't heard yet, but I remembered having checked out his bandcamp to see that he plays astral lo-fi dark ambient. Plus, there's a free download for subscribers of Nat Lyon's Canine Codebook. There are various reviews and interviews in the new issue but I haven't had time to check all of them, but there's a nice written piece by Joe Posset, plus a review of a gig of his.

I think there are copies of the new issue left, so do yourself a favor and get it at

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