Sunday, April 29, 2018

Various - Small Doses comp cd

No, this isn't a compilation of the Small Doses label. It's a compilation featuring 100 artists and groups offering tracks of maximum half a minute. It goes without saying that this is going to be a noisecore/grindcore/ harsh noise affair; the artists are too many to mention, but prominent names include Vomir (must have been a challenge to create such a short track), a super fast assault by the unforgettable Rupture, Melanocetus Murrayi, grindcore legends Agathocles, Wadge, Violent Headache, Captain Three Leg and Mesrine, noisecore monuments such as 7 Minutes of Nausea, Nikudorei, and Sete Star Sept, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Psychotic Sufferance, Gorgonized Dorks, Funeral Mongoloids, Colico, PTAO and Ratten Krieg. 2009 cd on Mortville Records, No Fucking Labels, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench, Death Agony and Screams and Discos Al Pacino (great name).


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