Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spencer Dobbs - Changed Fool tape (Sloow Tapes)

Beautiful, deep, desperate, drunken late in the night acoustic folk music by this musician from Texas. It starts in a deceptively hopeful manner with "Artifact Moon," which is similar to the tracks from Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska but quickly descends into very depressive territory, kinda similar in attitude to the acoustic folk albums of Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till of Neurosis, but with a much richer sound accentuated by piano, harmonica and a heartbreaking saxophone. I hear influences from the darkest moments of Leonard Cohen and Neil Young's Tonight's The Night, and the psychedelic textures owes to Charalambides, with whom Spencer is affiliated. And then the tape closes with the beautiful, epic and again kinda hopeful "There Is A Dream," closing the circle. Very highly recommended music. I see there is a double cdr version of this on his Bandcamp, containing an extra track and a booklet, and I think he deserves some good support, so snatch it. 2016 tape on Sloow Tapes.


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