Sunday, February 4, 2018

VA - With Friends Like These: 10 Years Of Pissing In The Wind cdr


One way or another I'm gonna drone ya, I'm gonna dict'ya, I'm gonna Bjerga. Bjerga, Bjerga, Bjerga! No, we aren't going to stop posting Sindre-related stuff here, so here's a comp by his label Gold Soundz celebrating 10 years of operation, with multiple short (max 1 minute and a half) tracks by Dylan Nyoukis, Posset, Jan M. Iversen, Cock E.S.P., Terje Paulsen, Hal McGee & Danny McGuire, Nils Rostad, Bjerga/Iversen, Torstein Wjiik, Kema, Anders Gjerde, Joey Chainsaw, Tobacconists, Crazy River/Monolab, Pål Asle Pettersen, Staplerfahrer, Andreas Brandal, NXP, Adults With Chicks feat. Mah-Ruk Ali & Mira Craig, Ronny Wærnes, Origami Boe, Mesmer Korsbols, Cape Of Seaweed, Rogaland Hot Club, Jazkamer, Frans de Waard, Hans Einar Gulliksen, Flesh Coffin, Full Narkose Band, Koff Koff, Kunstlusk, Ezdanitoff, and Rust & Rot. Expect various styles, from harsh noise and drone to dictaphone and glitch. 2010 cdr on Gold Soundz.


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