Wednesday, February 21, 2018

JPEGMAFIA - Communist Slow Jams

Everything related to this guy's aesthetics is pure gold, from the ironic name to the album title to the confrontational anti-racist lyrics castigating everyone from Eric Clapton and Lemmy to Mastodon and liberal faux anti-racists. Musically, it's an interesting postmodern combination between older dark and grimy hip hop styles and an atmospheric, hypnotic and floating downbeat style that is not too far from Vektroid, recent James Ferraro or Oneohtrix Point Never. In fact, I'm tempted to call this "hypnagogic hip hop" or "vaporwave rap," so if these terms don't exist already, I'm claiming them! On top of that is his acerbic skilled flow that you gotta love. This is offered for free on Bandcamp, so head over there and try to support him financially.

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